"For me, this course gave a strong re-enforcement in my skills of biodynamics. After this course, the treatments in my practice improved very well."


"The place in Lapland was very well choosen as the stilness of nature truly helps with the biodynamic work. And we were so lucky to see the northern lights dancing, absolutely stunning!"

"Werner, you found a way to teach the theme "direction of ease" in a very clear way. Allthough we were a group of very different people, you easily managed to adapt it to all students."


"Na een cursus biodynamische osteopathie ga ik heel gelukkig, verzacht en liefdevol terug naar huis, dat is een zaaaaalig gevoel!"

"Looking for the health.... it gives you the oppertunity and e beautiful way to treat almost every patiënt, even those who are dying, babies, people with a severe disease.... see the love in your patiënt."

"I loved the possibility to join group activities such as dinner and sauna. It brings all the participants more in contact with each other."


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